About us

A dynamic team, with energy and commitment to achieve its goals.

We make it happen, with a regular presence through meetings and delivering measurable results. In the projects in which we are involved we have been welcomed as more than just one service provider, raising the spirit of partnership through an alignment of interests, and that makes XLR8 Revenue Management like an external hotel department.

A team that aims to be “the” Revenue Management company for independent and groups hotels.

With a large experience in all business functions, from individual bookings to group sales, of more than 400 rooms or event coordination, XLR8 Revenue Management team have been building their pathways in a constant learning of how to exploit a company’s revenue opportunities.

  • José Pedro Almeida

    Having started his career at Corinthia Lisboa Hotel in 2004, it was at Starwood Hotels & Resorts that he had his basic background in Revenue Management. He returned to Portugal back in 2009 for Corinthia and a year later assumed the position of Revenue Management Director of the Hoteis Real Group with the responsibility for its 9 hotels. He helped found the company Blue Shift in 2012 and has since followed several projects in this role, until he created the XLR8

  • Magda Varão

    Like José Pedro, she started her career at Corinthia Lisboa Hotel, back in 2009. That’s when they worked together for the first time, creating a team spirit and complementarity that is still evident today. Later, she embraced a new opportunity at Marriott Lisbon and in 2013 re-teamed with José Pedro in the transition from CampoReal to Dolce CampoReal as Revenue Management throughout and after the handover to this American brand. In 2016 he joined XLR8 Revenue Management assuming a leading role of the company.

  • Mauro Gama

    Mauro Gama’s career is very different from the others, having started his career in 2007 as a digital consulting freelancer. He also went through companies like StepValue – Web Intelligence in 2013 and, two years later, ActualSales. Being the only “non-hotelier” on the team, he often extends the horizons of other members to new trends and applications, with a strong contribution to improving company performance.

“(…) Revenue Management enables companies to convert data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and wisdom into revenue.”