Revenue Management System



We bring transparency to artificial intelligence through a humanly sensitive system, at the center of strategic decisions.



XLR8 Revenue Management System (RMS)

is the first, and only, platform developed to become a Hotel Strategy Assistant, providing a truly interactive solution to achieve optimal revenue results and saving time.



Change your rates and take action anytime, anywhere.


Leaving micro analysis and manual data extraction behind, to allow Hoteliers keeping focus on Strategy

Through our RMS we enable hotel managers to maintain a macro view of their business performance, supporting decisions beyond price through analytical data.




Simplify regular tasks for hoteliers who have limited time to take their decisions.
All the main KPI’s in one place.

From day 1

From day 1

Avoiding long term setups and algorithms fine tunning.

data visualization

Data visualization

Turning complex data analysis into visual outputs.


Price / quality

Specially attractive for hotels intending to leverage their proeficiency and users new to RMS.

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No obligation: no setup costs
Training: Customized 6 month training
Calendar: Track your strategy daily
Yield Management: Manage Availability and Rates
Forecast: Set revenue forecast
Analytics: Track Your Key Indicators