Como alinhar a estratégia do seu Hotel. A XLR8 Revenue Management apresenta uma solução através do seu Revenue Management Software para facilitar a execução do seu Plano Estratégico. Contacte-nos para demonstração.

Como alinhar a estratégia do seu Hotel How to align your Hotel strategy

Most people look at yield management as a “task” that relates directly to increasing room rates. When demand is high, basic economic rules indicate that we should change our prices accordingly. In effect, this means that our first instinct when confronted with high demand is to open our channel manager systems and increase the Best Available Rate, even if it’s only by 5 or 10€.

However, before changing rates or closing sales, we need to be sure we’re making the right decision. We should always keep in mind Robert G. Cross’s definition of effective revenue management:  “Sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price.”